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Isaiah says four special names will be given to Jesus. Name one.
Counsellor; Mighty God; Everlasting Father; Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6

Just one more thing: In-focus listeningJust one more thing: In-focus listening

"I Wish my parents would stop talking so much and would listen more," says 13-year-old June. "If they would give me a chance to say what I've got on my mind, I wouldn't give them so much to have on theirs." This is not an uncommon statement by teenagers in God's Church today. If we really love our children, we must learn to know them as individuals. And for this we have to watch and listen and find out what he or she really is like. In-focus listening, as I like to call it, is listening to a child in such a way that he is sure you know what he is trying to communicate to you.

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Publication Date: December 08, 1980