A Voice Cries Out: What's Wrong With Science And Technology!A Voice Cries Out: What's Wrong With Science And Technology!

The No. 1 problem in our sick world is human survival! What brought us to this supreme crisis?

   WE NEED TO WAKE UP! Are we fiddling while the whole world is burning? Ignoring the CAUSES of frightening world troubles will not somehow just cause them to go away!
   A madman in some place other than Moscow or Washington could now set off the NUCLEAR explosion that could erase all mankind from the earth! We cannot afford to bet our lives that we can TRUST the humans who could, will be afraid to trigger that world cosmocide!
   Again I say, there has to be a CAUSE for every effect. Dealing with effects cannot solve the No. 1 problem of human survival! Until CAUSES are removed, survival of humanity hangs in the balance! What CAUSED the present supreme crisis in this country and the world?
   We have covered a quick overview of education and of government. Now we focus on modern science and technology later on business and industry, on organized labor and on religion. These are the basic facets of civilization that have made it what it is. Where have they gone wrong?
   Our 20th-century world has looked with awe at modern science and technology. They have been viewed as the modern messiah to deliver the world from ignorance, poverty, disease and unhappiness to solve all world problems.
   Teamed with business and industry, science and technology have promised the magic push-button dreamworld of the three Ls, leisure, luxury and license. Teamed with modern education, science has led us to believe we have matured beyond the need of God we may now safely throw away the crutch of religion. These modern advances will provide all needs and banish all evils.
   But what is the TRUTH?
   Modern science has failed utterly to reveal the purpose of human life, or explain its incredible potential! With modern education it remains in ignorance of the TRUE VALUES! It does not know the way to PEACE whether world peace between nations or peace in the home and family unit. It has failed miserably to deliver the world from illiteracy, poverty, famine, disease, fears and worries, frustrations, unhappiness! It has not cured immorality, broken homes, crime, insanity rather these have mounted.
   A tree is known by its fruits. A realistic look at modern science and technology leads only to disillusionment. Their attention is confined to the realm of the material and the mechanical. But problems and evils are spiritual in nature. Peace, happiness and joy are spiritual values. Yet these basics of human welfare are not their concern. The incredible human potential is outside their field.
   Looking further at their fruits we do find accelerating inventions, intricate mechanical devices, labor-saving mechanisms, spectacular entertainment and amusement productions.
   But, then, we observe the failure to teach people to put added hours, days and weeks of leisure to beneficial uses.
   Instead human nature has desired increasing idleness, aversion to work, covetousness, desire to "GET" more and more and dissatisfaction with it if successful in its acquisition.
   On the other hand, science and technology have not eradicated the frequently recurring evils of recessions, depressions, unemployment and inflation. Nor have they rescued adolescent frustration, staring a hopeless future in the face, turning to immorality, drugs, violence, and too often suicide.
   After all, the principal contribution of science and technology to civilization has been the development of constantly more terrifying weapons of mass destruction! This has brought us to today's No. 1 problem HUMAN SURVIVAL!
   Science and technology are not evil in themselves but an important facet in a good civilization if we had one. It is the materialistic CONCEPT the approach to life and its functions and problems from the materialistic "GET" attitude instead of the spiritual "GIVE" attitude of outflowing LOVE.
   For that reason modern science is a false messiah! It threatens to become the Frankenstein monster to destroy the mankind that produced it!
   Before that happens, that great "Unseen Hand from Someplace" will intervene in world affairs and save humanity from itself! World PEACE is closer than you think. But it will have to come as something done TO mankind not done BY self-seeking humanity! The world will have to be set on God's track not a maudlin emotional or superstitious religion but a TRUTH and way of life that MAKES SENSE and will CAUSE peace, happiness and eternal well-being!

Publication Date: December 22, 1980
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