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Who am I: I'm really into colours and lots of them. I used to show off to my brothers but it got me into DEEP trouble. Eventually, I became the Prime Minister of a powerful nation.

Genesis 37, 41

Blessings Flow For Our 'On Track' PerformanceBlessings Flow For Our 'On Track' Performance

We moved to put ourselves "back on God's track. "Now God is moving to shower blessings on His Work. IN EVERY WAY THE WORK IS LUNGING AHEAD and God is increasing membership and income. I have said before that when our lives and performance are pleasing to God, He bestows on us blessings. He is adding conversions. He is prospering us so that financial income is once again increasing as it was during the first 35 years of this Work. At services on the Unleavened Bread Holy Days, attendance averaged worldwide around 9 percent increase over the year before. Holy Day offering increases were sensational.

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Publication Date: May 18, 1981