A Voice Cries Out: Why?A Voice Cries Out: Why?

We Can:

    Send men to the moon and back
    Produce computers, robots,
    Develop science and technology, learn secrets of physics and chemistry, build industries

But We Can't:

    Solve our troubles, eradicate evils:
    Within family and home,
    Within industries and factions,
    Government, domestic or foreign problems


  1. There has to be a cause for every effect.
  2. The effect the troubles and evils spring from our way of life.
  3. There are, broadly, two ways of life, traveling in opposite directions: "GIVE" (out-flowing love and concern for the good of others in serving, cooperating, sharing) and "GET" (self-centeredness, coveting, competition).
  4. Both ways of life are spiritual in nature.
  5. Our troubles and evils are caused by the "GET" incentive.
  6. Our near-miraculous, mind-boggling accomplishments are physical and material in nature. There seems no end to the possibilities of human accomplishment in the realm of the physical and material.
  7. But conversely, humanity seems utterly helpless before his real troubles and evils WHY?
  8. The "GIVE" way of life actually is a spiritual LAW as inexorably relentless as the law of gravity.
  9. Because the way of "GIVE" out-flowing love to God and to neighbor is a spiritual law, much of mankind has tended to think of things spiritual as maudlin, unrealistic nonsense. Yet the spiritual principle of "GET" has been so REAL it has imposed on suffering humanity all its evils!
  10. I look at a misguided humanity some rich, some not so rich, many poor some scholarly, some illiterate but almost all discontented, not knowing the incredible human potential, not living a truly rich and abundant life. Yet if we all lived by the "GIVE" approach to life, each helping his neighbor to live by the same objective, we would enjoy real UTOPIA!
  11. It's time YOU began to THINK about this!

   This voice cries out 1) a message of the CAUSE of all our woes and ills today and how we could if willing change the EFFECT, and 2) with the announcement that the all-powerful unseen "Strong Hand from Someplace" will soon intervene in this world's troubled affairs and compel a misguided self-willed humanity to enjoy world peace, happiness, universal abundance.
   One's agreement does not matter. It's as certain as the rising and setting of tomorrow's sun.
Pastor General
Worldwide Church of God

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Publication Date: July 27, 1981
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