Just one more thing: Guiding children yields diamonds that sparkleJust one more thing: Guiding children yields diamonds that sparkle

Which weighs more, a ton of feathers or a ton of bricks? The answer to this tricky question lies in recognizing the importance of balance - one ton is one ton, no matter what! We also need to recognize the importance of balance in raising our children. To produce well-balanced individuals, emphasis should be placed on all aspects of our children's personalities - the spiritual, physical, social, mental and emotional. A few years ago my wife and I visited a diamond factory in Amsterdam, Holland. Our guide told us a diamond is almost universally admired for its beauty and value. But a skilled craftsman must first cut and polish it with the proper tools to produce that sparkling gem. The more facets a diamond has, the more it sparkles and the higher its value.

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Publication Date: December 14, 1981