Just one more thing: Cohesive bond unites, strengthens God's WorkJust one more thing: Cohesive bond unites, strengthens God's Work

An elderly professor was addressing a group of students gathered around him. In his feeble hands the old man held a bundle of sticks fastened together with a cord. "Now," the frail old gentleman said, "I want each of you to try to break these sticks in two: 'He handed the bundle to one of the students, a tall, brawny fellow. Grasping the bundle of sticks at each end, the young man strained with all his might, but couldn't snap them. Looking defeated, he handed the bundle to the person on his right. "Ha!" the next fellow laughed. "I know how, to do it." He held the sticks at either end and pressed his knee into the middle of the bundle, attempting to break the sticks across his knee. He pressed for all he was worth, but the sticks remained intact. He sheepishly handed the bundle to the next person, a rugged-looking young man with muscular arms and legs.

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Publication Date: December 28, 1981