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Who am I: I was expecting a great ceremony to be healed of my disease. Instead I was told to wash in the Jordan river seven times, which made me angry. Finally I listened to my servant and washed myself.

II Kings 5:1-19

Just one more thing: Having to say 'I'm wrong,' difficult thing to admitJust one more thing: Having to say 'I'm wrong,' difficult thing to admit

"I'm sorry, I was wrong, please forgive me!" How many times have you said to yourself, to others, or even to God in prayer, "I'm sorry, I was wrong"? Those few words are more important to your Christian growth than you may realize. In a sermon here in Pasadena, Pastor General Herbert W. Armstrong asked a thought-provoking question: "Can you admit it when you are wrong?" My wife and I once were witnesses to a family situation that illustrates the point. We were visiting friends, when their two children came bounding into the kitchen after school. "Mom," said Tom, half out of breath, "you know what? It's just 15 days till summer vacation." "You're wrong, Tommy, It's 17 days," Sue, his sister, corrected him.

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Publication Date: February 01, 1982