Just one more thing: Positive action essential in determining successJust one more thing: Positive action essential in determining success

Positive and negative - words far apart in their meanings and implications. The territory between them, however, is the arena where success or failure is determined, and where the happiness or misery of lives is decided. Success tends to favor those who march under the positive banner. They have trained themselves to think actively. What actions am I going to take?, instead of wondering passively, What will happen to me next? As Christians, we are promised our reward will be according to our works - our positive actions and deeds. All of the progress of civilization - as with all individual progress has come from positive, constructive thinking. Bible and secular history abound with the deeds of men and women who said, "I can." It is silent concerning those who sat back and said, "I can't." Positive people believe it is better to fail than not to try at all.

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Publication Date: February 15, 1982