Just one more thing: Third tithe year reaps vital lessons, benefitsJust one more thing: Third tithe year reaps vital lessons, benefits

Jesus Christ says it is more blessed to give than to receive. Pastor General Herbert W. Armstrong expounds the give way of life as opposed to this world's way of get. Everyone agrees that generosity is a virtue - one extolled through out history. But what about when your third tithe year comes around? How do your thoughts run about giving then? Do you find yourself lighting negative feelings, perhaps even discouragement, when you try to put down on paper a realistic budget for that year? With your regular tithes and offerings and special Holy Day offerings and the building fund, your figures show your income has been cut by about a third. How can your family make it? Let's turn it around. How would you like to have to manage on only that third or less of your income?

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Publication Date: March 29, 1982