Major's Mailbox AdventureMajor's Mailbox Adventure
Shirley King Johnson   

(While gathering material for a school report, Jim photocopied, with permission, some papers at city hall. The mayor sent his assistant to get the papers back, and Mr, Wilson is trying to figure out why the papers are so important to him.) As the lamp burned brightly in the center of the dining-room table, Mr. Wilson pored over the copied pages, Jim, across the table from him, worked on his written report for school. He studied two library books and laboriously copied sentences out here and there, Finished at 9 o'clock, Jim sighed with relief and went to his father's desk in the library to get a manila envelope. "Bring an envelope for me too, will you, Jim?" asked his father, "I'm going to take these sheets to the chief of police." "Yes, sir, Did you find what you were looking for?" Jim came back to the dining-room table with the envelopes.

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Publication Date: May 10, 1982