Just one more thing: Job performance reveals deepness of conversionJust one more thing: Job performance reveals deepness of conversion

As I write, it's final exam time at Ambassador College. In the evening you can see dormitory lights on campus burning later as students push themselves to make that final grade. We employ a few student writers, photographers and artists on our editorial staff, and every year about this time they start gearing up. Students endure much stress and pressure during that final two-hour exam. If only, many wish, the exams could be stretched out over a longer period of time. If you could determine how long your final exam could be, how long would you want it? Fifteen minutes? A half hour? Even a whole day? What if you had a final exam that was 100,000 hours long? And along with the extra time, you could freely check your class notes, and even your textbook. Plus, you could get advice and answers to your problems from the instructors! Not a bad test, eh?

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Publication Date: May 24, 1982