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To hasten their death, what did the soldiers do to the two thieves who were crucified with Christ?
Broke their legs.

John 19:31

Just one more thing: Brethren appreciate help during times of sorrowJust one more thing: Brethren appreciate help during times of sorrow

Sympathy. How do you express to a person that you really care when death has taken away someone he or she loves? No one likes to think about death. When someone we know loses a loved one, we feel inadequate and uncomfortable about talking to him or her about it. We know we should, but we're afraid we might say the wrong thing or in some other way make the person feel even worse. This might well be the way you react unless you are one who has recently lost someone dear to you. One of our readers asked me to address the subject of what to do when someone you know loses a loved one in death. This mother lost a child not long ago, and the reactions of other brethren to her loss are still fresh in her mind.

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Publication Date: June 07, 1982