Just one more thing: Giving worries to God 'doesn't cost us a penny'Just one more thing: Giving worries to God 'doesn't cost us a penny'

Coming from a long line of worriers I felt this issue's column could deal with the subject of worrying. My grandmother was a great worrier. At 86 she worried about who would be the pallbearers at her funeral. My mother carried on the tradition. To this day she still worries if I'm getting enough sleep and if I'm eating all my vegetables. One of my father's favorite sayings was radio commentator Paul Harvey's "Why worry, nothing will turn out all right anyway." My uncle used to tell a story about Tom Anxiety. Tom's friends all knew him as a worrier. One day Joe saw his worrying friend bouncing along as happy as a man could be, whistling and humming and wearing a huge smile. Joe could hardly believe his eyes, and he had to find out what happened.

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Publication Date: June 21, 1982