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In the fulfillment of a dream, what did Nebuchadnezzar eat for a time?

Daniel 4:33
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Just one more thing: Using the spiritual mirror to remove character blotsJust one more thing: Using the spiritual mirror to remove character blots

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall..." So goes a rhyme from a make-believe children's story. In the tale a mirror is supposedly able to talk. The world has many superstitions about mirrors. For example, some people will not allow a child under 1 year old to see itself in a mirror. They imagine that the child's growth will be stunted by having its reflection frozen in the mirror. Of course, such an idea is silly. Nevertheless, some people believe it. The most widely spread superstition concerning mirrors is that breaking one brings seven years of bad luck. The notion came, at least in part, from ancient Romans. They believed life renewed itself every seven years.

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