Just one more thing: Give the neglected giftJust one more thing: Give the neglected gift

When was the last time you encouraged someone in your family, on the job, at school or church? Think now. Be honest with yourself. The sulfuric acid of discouragement is much more freely dispensed today than the soothing salve of an encouraging word. Encouragement is one of God's most effective antibodies to ward off infection in a family, on the job, at school and especially in the Church. Mark Twain once quipped. "I can live off one good compliment for a week. Christ was the master Encourager. He encouraged the full potential of persons, clearly communicating that their interests were His interests. His encouragement knitted the disciples together. He encouraged Mary and Martha at Lazarus death. The most encouraging thing is that Christ is guiding us toward becoming perfect in every way just like Him and God the Father (Matthew 5:48).

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Publication Date: April 18, 1983