Just one more thing: Develop vision, set goalsJust one more thing: Develop vision, set goals

In my job as managing editor of the Work's publications, I'm interested in articles and books about my type of job. I think all who have responsibility over others lie awake at night wondering how to encourage those in their employ to do their best, and how to be sure they have the proper tools and the proper environment to work in. God holds the manager responsible and judges that person in many respects, for their employees' performance or lack of it. It's much like working with an oversized family. An article on time management brought out one point that really made me think. It asked managers how much time they are giving to those 20 percent of their people who are doing the majority of the work. The author was realistically assessing the output of most companies in this world. Of course, he didn't suggest that the majority should be neglected, but his point was, don't take the best producers, those who almost never cause problems, for granted.

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Publication Date: August 08, 1983