Just one more thing: Needed: full-time fathersJust one more thing: Needed: full-time fathers

Being a father is probably the toughest job a man will ever have. Fatherhood is as important as a career. When our children are born, we inherit the obligation and the privilege of being their fathers until the day we die, Parenthood, like marriage, is "till death do us part." Yet it's been reported that the average father spends only 19 minutes a day with his children. And, other parents, some of whom I know personally, have washed their hands of their children. They withhold their love and turn their backs on their own offspring. Sad, but true. Where are our priorities? As parents, as fathers, we need to know what our responsibilities are toward our children, and how to help them and let them know they can rely on us as they grow toward independence.

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Publication Date: August 22, 1983