Just one more thing: Is your taproot in place?Just one more thing: Is your taproot in place?

Strategically placed on my desk is a beautiful dwarf tree. I had always wanted one. One day my youngest son surprised me with a juniper bonsai he purchased at a swap meet at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. I must admit, from time to time, when I'm deep in thought about planning an issue or thinking about writing an article or meeting a deadline, I find myself mentally stretched out under that little, living tree wondering how it can look so majestic and only be 12 inches tall! That may sound funny, but it brings back fond memories of romping through the pastures and laying under giant cottonwood trees on a spring day during my childhood. A headquarters minister gave a thought-provoking sermonette that stimulated this column and thoughts about my bonsai.

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Publication Date: September 12, 1983