Just one more thing: Reach for true successJust one more thing: Reach for true success

My wife and I occasionally enjoy a Sunday brunch with our family or friends. A few weeks ago we sat next to an older couple who were enjoying a special outing. On completion of their meal I assisted the woman with her chair as she slowly got up to leave. Her husband cautiously walked around the table to assist his wife. He thanked me and said, "She does pretty well, doesn't she, for an 88-year-old sweet-heart?" He had a twinkle in his eye. With a smile she said, "Yes, we've been happily married 67 years." They said they were so thankful to be able to help each other and enjoy each other's company. They were best of friends after all these years and still going strong. It was obvious to my wife and me that they were both successful at life and marriage.

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Publication Date: October 24, 1983