Just one more thing: Most-common questionJust one more thing: Most-common question

A while back I asked the Work's Personal Correspondence Department if they could tell me what was the most-asked question they receive. I was surprised at their answer. The most-asked question from members, co-workers and nonmembers was:" Would you please pray for me?" - a call for help. In our modern end-time society many are realizing the need for God's help. Yet many more of us are afraid to admit our need and to ask for help. Why is that? Why is it such a struggle for us to cry out for assistance when we so desperately need it? Asking for help when needed is smart. It's also the answer to fatigue and the "I'm indispensable" image. So what keeps us from this wise course of action? Plain, stubborn unwillingness to admit need.

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Publication Date: November 07, 1983