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What happened to Moses' staff when he threw it on the ground?
It became a snake.

Exodus 4:3

The Worldwide News
Just one more thing: The test of loveJust one more thing: The test of love
Dexter H Faulkner

Husbands, future husbands, in God's Church, this is a lest. Or perhaps it would be better thought of as a challenge. A challenge to self-evaluate. After all, that's the positive purpose of a test, isn't it? Tests help us measure progress and achievement and mirror how close we are to maximum performance. Now men, let's be honest. Answer yes or no. In the last six months did you: (List of 10 questions) How did you do? Ten points for each yes answer. If you got 100 percent you don't need to read the rest of this article. The two words that best characterize a man's responsibility to his wife might be: to care. Often we idealize and romanticize love to mystical heights. Not so with caring. It brings us down to earth again quickly. It calls for tangible evidence of its presence.

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The Worldwide NewsNovember 21, 1983Vol XI No. 21
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