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To whom did the people of Israel say, "Come make us a god who will go before us?"

Exodus 32:1

Just one more thing: Keys to contentmentJust one more thing: Keys to contentment

Somewhere, sometime, someone must have said it, so I won't claim it as my own thought. It's a truth everyone has to struggle with sooner or later: "Until you're able to be happy in every situation, you can't really be happy in any situation." The trick is to get the right inflection on the two key words. It might be helpful to repeat that bit of wisdom out loud. Shut the door if you're afraid someone will think you've gone bonkers and lost your mind. Then say it a few times to the mirror on the wall. Check it out for the best way to emphasize the words every and any. It shouldn't take long before the truth comes through loud and clear, no matter our age or status in life, single or married.

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Publication Date: December 19, 1983