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To which church era did Jesus say "You are neither cold nor hot."

Revelation 3:15

Just one more thing: Felix keeps on smilingJust one more thing: Felix keeps on smiling

This morning I went into the Editorial Services "kitchen" (a converted closet with a sink, hot plate and refrigerator) to prepare a hot drink. I was surprised and amused to see our stuffed cat doll, Felix, smiling cheerfully with only his head protruding from the garbage disposal! The department has a container for Editorial employees to pay for hot and cold beverages stocked in the kitchen. In American slang, this is often called the kitty. Hence, one of the department secretaries brought in Felix to remind employees to "feed the kitty" when they take refreshments. Unfortunately for Felix, some anonymous Editorial employees good-naturedly persecute the stuffed feline. It is not uncommon to enter the kitchen to find poor Felix taped to the wall, stuffed inside a glass vase or, as I found, peering out from the depths of the garbage disposal (wrapped in plastic, of course).

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Publication Date: January 30, 1984