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To whom was it said, "What is to be done for the man whom the King desires to honor?"

Esther 6:6

Just one more thing: I'd give anything if...Just one more thing: I'd give anything if...

An admiring fan had just attended a spectacular recital by a world-class pianist. Overcome with awe at the pianist's skillful playing, the fan raced up to the artist and exclaimed: "Oh, that was wonderful - beautiful! I'd give anything if I could play the piano like that!" "No you wouldn't," came the pianist's calm, matter-of-fact reply, "because if you would practice playing the piano eight hours a day, six days a week, for 20 years, you could play the piano like that. But you're not willing to do that." It's true, you know. A good number of our failures occur because we are not willing to expend the amount of pure effort required to succeed. Not that we all should become classical pianists, of course, but you get the point: The bottom line in achieving almost anything - honing a talent, performing a job well, developing a good character trait - is that it takes work.

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Publication Date: April 9, 1984