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In what way did Judas Iscariot show remorse for betraying Jesus?
He gave back the money.

Matthew 27:3

Just one more thing: Company's comin'Just one more thing: Company's comin'

"Company's comin' to our house!" "Company's comin' to our house!" was one of the joyful chants our children sang when they were small. "Company's comin' to our house!" they would sing in unison, timing the chant to their joyful bounces on the living-room couch. Company's coming! echoed the child in my own heart. "Company's here - is everything and everybody ready?" "Yes, yes." was always the answer from the little ones, and my wife always gave me the OK sign as I opened the door to let our guests in. Through the years of our marriage, company has certainly come. We have literally opened our small apartments and our home to dozens and dozens of people. Essential to hospitality is a willingness to share or give, which means opening our homes to others.

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Publication Date: May 21, 1984