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Who said, "We cannot stop speaking what we have seen and heard?"
Peter and John.

Acts 4:2

Just one more thing: In times of distressJust one more thing: In times of distress

Recently, we received a letter from a gracious lady who lost her daughter in a tragic accident. She wrote: "In November, 1982, our 22-year-old daughter was killed by a drunk driver. She was not baptized. "Now I read the obituaries and especially empathize with parents who lose children. I have learned that even with the wonderful truths, the knowledge of the joy ahead in the second resurrection, that there was no way to go through this trial without much pain. "Psychologists have described the stages of grief in various ways, such as: shock, turmoil, depression and recovery. I learned that just as a broken bone heals gradually, the same was true of this grief process. Perhaps my greatest lesson has been to have patience day by day until God did His work of healing."

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Publication Date: June 18, 1984