Shirley King Johnson   

Major stretched out in the sun in Grandfather's driveway and settled down to take a short nap. Summer vacation had arrived at last and Jim and Susie visited their grandparents for a week. Of course, Major accompanied them. Half an hour ago the neighbor boy, Harry Sterner, had brought Prince, his Clydesdale horse, galloping down the road and Jim had climbed up behind him on the saddle to take a ride. Grandfather and Susie had driven off down the lane in Grandfather's old red truck. He wanted to check fences between his land and the neighbor's. Mr. Sterner had purchased a black bull yesterday at the sale barn and Grandfather wanted to make sure he would not be coming through a fence. A bull is not something you want to meet unexpectedly in a pasture or along a country road. Major had not seen the bull. Harry had told Jim that the bull was being kept in the feedlot until he got accustomed to his new surroundings.

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Publication Date: July 30, 1984