Overcome barriers to listening with concentration, preparationOvercome barriers to listening with concentration, preparation
Michael A Snyder   

Brethren attending the Feast of Tabernacles will hear about 18 hours of spiritual instruction in sermons and sermonettes. How can you best take advantage of this spiritual feast? Preparing before hand to listen effectively can increase the value of the sermons and sermonettes you will hear. "I think it's clear... that listening isn't a passive thing; it's work," explains Thomas G. Banville, author of How to Listen - How to Be Heard. Earl Koile, author of communication books, warns: "... our potential for focused and sensitive listening often remains embedded within us, raw and unrefined, like a rich lode of unmined ore. Our views and understanding of one another also can become distorted when our listening gets cluttered and blocked by the prejudices we bring out of our past, and by the myriad of emotional barriers and biases in our day-to-day relationships."

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Publication Date: August 27, 1984