Shirley King Johnson   

Jim nodded. "We'll wait in the yard until your program is over." "I'm not coming back today," Harry said. "After my TV show, I'm going to town with Dad. Tell you what we could do. You walk on the other side of Prince, Jim, and we'll let Sue ride up to my mailbox. You hold on to Prince's bridle on that side and I'll hold on this side. OK?" "OK!" Susie said with a happy little laugh. "Giddap, Prince!" Reluctantly, Jim walked beside Prince, his hand holding the bridle. At the end or the driveway they turned up the hill. Major stiffened. Wait! Don't go up there! Tornado is loose! Major whizzed past Prince, whirled in front of him and barked. "Woorrff! Woorrff!" Puzzled, Prince stopped. "Stop that, Major, you silly hound dog!" Harry complained. "What's the matter with him, Jim?"

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Publication Date: September 10, 1984