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Jesus said his servants should be as "wise as serpents, and harmless as ____?

Matthew 10:16

Just one more thing: Survival of the fittestJust one more thing: Survival of the fittest

The grotesque, snarling face of the elephant seal filled the television screen as my family and I viewed the battle of the huge animals to determine who would be the master of the herd. After their offspring were born, the young also had to battle to survive. Some were crushed beneath the giant bodies of other females or their own fathers, while others who got too far from their mothers' sides were injured by the snapping jaws of other mothers. Most lived until they could make it into the relative safety of the water nearby, but many did not. In nature, it's survival of the fittest. From the largest creatures to the most minute, it's a constant battle to live and procreate.

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Publication Date: September 10, 1984