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Who said, "I must see this marvellous sight, why the bush is not burned up?"

Exodus 3:3

Major meets TornadoMajor meets Tornado
Shirley King Johnson   

Grandfather looked up the hill, saw Tornado tearing up the grass along the fence where Major barked at him safely from the other side. He set Susie on her feet. "Run into the house and stay there. I'll deal with you later!" Turning, he went to the back of his truck, grabbed up a long length of rope, untied Prince's reins and mounted up. "Giddap!" Prince wheeled and trotted down the driveway, They came up the hill at a full gallop: "All right you overgrown bully!" shouted Grandfather to the bull, waving the rope in a whirring circle. "You get on home and be quick about it!" Startled, the animal shook his head, eyes quizzical. "Go on, I say!" Grandfather repeated, whirling the rope nearer.

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Publication Date: September 24, 1984