Just one more thing: Give your child answersJust one more thing: Give your child answers

Once, when our oldest boy was 9, he crawled into bed a bit more quietly than usual. When his mother leaned over to kiss him good night she detected an uneasy seriousness not normal in active grade school boys. His teacher told us that he seemed at times preoccupied at school. This evening I was looking on as each boy was made comfortable for the night. Sensing what his mother had. I perched myself on the edge of his bed. Perhaps tonight we could get to the bottom of the problem. Cautiously I probed, trying to persuade him to talk about his troubles. Surely, no third grader could have worries so great that his parents could not be of some assistance, I reasoned. But when he finally shared his question, we experienced a great lesson.

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Publication Date: September 24, 1984