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Who said to Jesus on the cross, "Remember me when you come to your kingdom?"
One of the thieves crucified with him.

Luke 23:42

Just one more thing: No pain, no gainJust one more thing: No pain, no gain

Driving to work this morning I saw a bumper sticker on a car that read, "Leave me alone, I'm having a crisis." I laughed, and smiled at the driver as I passed him. Life is full of crises, some big and some small. Sometimes it seems we're boxed in by problems. If you've ever seen Marcel Marceau do his act, it's easy to believe he really is in an invisible box. The great mime, master of body movement, runs his hands along each wall of the unseen structure until you have a mental image of its exact size and shape. The audience waits with anticipation for him to find the hidden exit that everyone knows he will eventually find. Have you ever felt like you were in Marcel Marceau's invisible box, with one important difference - yours didn't have a door? Sometimes our problems can so box us in, there seems to be no escape.

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Publication Date: December 10, 1984