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What kind of horses pulled the chariot of fire that separated Elijah and Elisha?
Horses of fire.

II Kings 2:11

Just one more thing: Watch your weak pointsJust one more thing: Watch your weak points

I saw a young man wearing a T-shirt the other day that had emblazoned across it the words Bullet Proof But the shirt had three obvious bullet holes in it! This ambiguous message reminded me of a story someone told me. This man's son-in-law is in police work. When on duty, he wears a bulletproof vest to protect his vital organs. It is the smart thing to do, because a criminal attacking with a gun usually shoots for the chest region. Sad part about this story is that one day his son-in-law forgot to put the vest on. In hot pursuit of an armed robber he realized his mistake, but it was too late! In a volley of gunshots this young man received two bullet wounds in his upper chest, one close to his heart. "He failed to protect his weak points. He almost lost his life because of neglect. In sports a coach searches for the weak points of the opposing team and then tries to take advantage of them....

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Publication Date: March 4, 1985