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What unusual command did Joshua give the sun and the moon?
He commanded them to stand still.

Joshua 10:12

Just one more thing: Please forgive meJust one more thing: Please forgive me

Children learn most of their attitudes at home. Little sister Amy breaks her brother Tom's favorite toy. He screams, small-boy style, "I'll never forgive you!" So next time she might be the victim; her favorite doll comes to grief. How does Amy react? Exactly as her brother did. More than likely at least one of their parents has set a bad example for them. Frank, an 8-year-old, is just like his dad. He never says he's sorry. Not for anything. And he never says, "Forgive me," to anybody, either. It's predictable, unless he changes, young Frank is heading for a life of alienation from others. He'll pay a high price for being "just like his dad" in this respect. Deliberately choosing not to forgive, as a way of life, is rank disobedience to God's ways...

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Publication Date: March 18, 1985