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What am I: I once ate a "prophetic" meal and got a bad case of stomach ache and vomited on a beach. I am mentioned in the minor prophets and am not human.
Jonah's fish.

Jonah 1:17; 2:10

Close spiritual generation gapsClose spiritual generation gaps
G Fred Stevens   

Teenagers and parents are often said to suffer from a generation gap. Separated by age and cultural differences, parents have trouble understanding their children, and teenagers have trouble understanding and relating to their parents. We in the Church are the spiritual children of God our Father. Is it possible that we could have the same problem in our Spiritual Family as many people seem to have in their physical families? Could we be suffering from a spiritual generation gap between us and our heavenly Father? God's thoughts are higher. What causes a generation gap? Young people sometimes say, "My parents just don't understand me!" or, "I don't relate to my parents." How is it that blood relatives don't relate?

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