Just one more thing: Junk food of the mindJust one more thing: Junk food of the mind

My son and I had lunch the other day at an open-air restaurant. As we discussed various business activities, I noticed a young couple waiting for their order. He looked bored. They weren't talking to each other. The woman was holding a small portable television in her hand. She was intently glued to its 2-inch screen. I thought to myself, Now that's real dedication. Keeping up with the news even during lunch. Then it dawned on me that it wasn't the news, it was the "soaps" she was watching! She was addicted. She couldn't even go out to lunch with her boyfriend without taking her soaps with her. Many laugh at the mention of soap operas, but these shows are no joking matter. Millions watch them every afternoon. If they forget or something happens to prevent them from seeing a show, they will read the newspaper Saturday to catch up on each tear jerking detail. And now there's a telephone number they may dial and for a small charge hear what happened that day.

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Publication Date: April 1, 1985