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Who am I: My mother is a widow and I have a brother the same age as myself. I was born with a scarlet thread around my hand.

Genesis 38:19, 28-30

Family unity essential for rearing teensFamily unity essential for rearing teens
George Delap  

Some say the trouble with teenagers is they think they know it all. That may be true, but, so did you and I when we were that age. But we learned much since that time. A lot of development still has to take place from the teenage years. Child training doesn't stop at age 8 or 10. Many parents, it seems, think that after six or seven years, the job's done. But when a child reaches 11 or 12, the parents are in for a shock. Child rearing isn't over yet. Yes, the job changes. The job becomes different as the child progresses through puberty. But child training is important, and it takes every bit as much time. God designed the family as the ideal place for teenage training and development. Here are four steps in building family unity.

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