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The Hebrew word for "covenant" is "berith", and the Hebrew word for "man" is "ish". What modern nation's name is derived from these two words?

Isaiah 62:2

Just one more thing: Are you people getting it?Just one more thing: Are you people getting it?

It was the first day of the college semester, and I sat in the history class room with several other bored people waiting for the instructor to arrive. This was a required history class, so many of us were there only because we had to be. As the desks filled with students, I nipped halfheartedly through my new textbooks. "Good afternoon, class. Welcome to history 101." Startled by his booming voice, we watched our instructor purposefully stride to his desk, books and papers in his arms. After depositing them and himself, he planted his elbows on the desk and steadily looked around the room. His blue eyes seemed to study each one of us individually as he checked the role.

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Publication Date: June 24, 1985