Job description for a Christian: above and beyond call of dutyJob description for a Christian: above and beyond call of duty
John A White   

How many today are willing to go above the call of duty ? Is just doing our job enough? What is our Christian responsibility? What sort of work ethic, as it were, does God lay down in terms of our Christian calling? In most jobs today, the employee is issued a job description to show exactly what his or her responsibilities are. It probably gives the hours of work, duration of leave, salary scale and side benefits. It also spells out the rules and regulations of the job as laid down by the management. Should there arise any misunderstandings or problems on the job, the employee can always refer to the job description for clarification. The trouble with many employees today is that they use these job descriptions as an excuse not to work. They hide behind them. They may do their work - but only what is expected of them. They may never set a foot wrong, yet fail to succeed: They miss out on promotions or salary increases. Some may even quit or have to be dismissed. Why?

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Publication Date: July 22, 1985