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Who am I: I was sick. Isaiah said I was going to die, but I wept and prayed to God reminding him that I had tried to follow him. He healed me and I lived another 15 years.

II Kings 20:1-6

Children's Corner: Hold that door!Children's Corner: Hold that door!
Vivian Pettijohn  

"Jeff, shame on you!" Kathy yelled angrily. "You let the door slam in my face!" "So what?" 6 1/2-year-old Jeff answered, laughing. "We guys have to be tough and not baby you girls. You should see Butch and some of the other boys at school. They really show the girls who is boss there!" "But I thought boys were supposed to be gentlemen!" 5-year-old Kathy complained, frowning. "Daddy opens the door, and holds it open, for Mommy and me. That's nice! Why don't you do that?" At the sound of the loud argument, both Leon and Virginia Winfield hurried out the back door. Rocky followed, curious. "See, Jeff?" Kathy exclaimed. "Daddy opened the door for Mommy! Daddy, tell Jeff - and Rocky - they should be gentlemen and do that."

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