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During what special occasion did Herod arrest Peter?
Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Acts 12:3

Attitude, action turn Festival into preview of God's KingdomAttitude, action turn Festival into preview of God's Kingdom
Mark McCulley   

Will your personal life at the Feast of Tabernacles properly picture the Kingdom of God? We have eight days each year to practice living together under God's government. If we follow the standards of that government closely, our personal foretaste of the Kingdom will be sharp and clear. If we do not, we will miss much of the benefit of these eight days. Every year in the Festival Office, we hear reports about the adventures of Church members keeping the Feast. In cases where members encounter problems, a common thread prevails: not using God's Spirit constantly to regulate anitude and action. In attending services, participating in activities, taking care of a temporary dwelling and serving in various ways, we sometimes forget to keep a close watch on our attitudes. Then, Satan can influence us to react wrongly. Impatience, selfishness, anger and envy can arise.

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Publication Date: August 19, 1985