Children's Corner: Packing for the FeastChildren's Corner: Packing for the Feast
Vivian Pettijohn   

As the Winfields finished eating their evening meal, Leon announced, "Tonight we're going to start packing for the Feast of Tabernacles!" Leon's father, Grandpa Winfield, who only last week had moved from Tennessee to an apartment a block away, said: "It's hard to believe it's already time to pack for the Feast. I only got unpacked from my move yesterday." "Daddy!" 9-year-old Rocky said, looking puzzled. "Jeff and I are supposed to go to school several days before it's time to pack!" Leon chuckled. "Come on into the living room and we'll talk about it." As soon as everyone was seated on the sofa and chairs, Leon explained, "Actually, the first step in packing is to plan what you'll pack, What are some of the items we should take with us to Sacramento? Rocky?"

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Publication Date: September 2, 1985