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The Worldwide News
The commanded blessing - Second tithe: God's perspectiveThe commanded blessing - Second tithe: God's perspective

Keeping God's festivals is one of the greatest rewards we gain by obeying God's laws! The Feast of Tabernacles is the spiritual highlight of the year. Most brethren can view Pastor General Herbert W. Armstrong's principal message by satellite transmission, and all hear powerful, inspired sermons from God's called and chosen ministers. But many physical blessings also come from keeping the Feast of Tabernacles. Social activities for all age groups, wonderful meals, fellowship with brethren of kindred spirit and educational trips to and from the Feast are but a few of the many blessings we enjoy. And it is all made possible through God's command for us to save a tithe of our income for the festival seasons. If God hadn't commanded it, we would not have learned how to enjoy life as God intended.

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The Worldwide NewsSeptember 2, 1985Vol XIII No. 18
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