Children's Corner: Lights, Not Horns!Children's Corner: Lights, Not Horns!
Worldwide News Staff   

"But, Uncle Ivan," 9 1/2-year-old Debbie Ellison scolded, "you shouldn't clean your garage on the Sabbath!" "Young lady," her uncle answered impatiently. "this may be your Sabbath, but it isn't mine, so I'll do as I please!" "But it's God's Sabbath, not mine!" Debbie argued, her voice rising shrilly as her father walked into the Harris garage. "Debbie! "Dad said quietly but firmly. "Go on home and get ready for services. And on your way out, please remind Aunt Frances we'll pick her and the children up in 30 minutes. I'll be right home and we'll talk." After Debbie left reluctantly, Andy Ellison said, "Ivan. I'm sorry. Debbie hasn't learned wisdom yet about when to talk - and when not to. I'll have a talk with her so that she won't speak to you like that again." "Oh, don't worry about it, Andy," Ivan answered. "I know she means well. But, it does kind of irritate me."

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Publication Date: December 30, 1985