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Cecil J Green   

It was a joyous occasion for my family. My wife and I had just returned from an inspiring Ministerial Refreshing Program. We had gone to the airport and picked up my daughter, who had returned from the Summer Educational Program. I was considering the blessings God had given us and how blessed we are to be a part of God's true Church. Then, suddenly, it happened! Even though the highway was slippery from the rain, I felt I was driving safely. My lane was clear. I didn't remember seeing a car in my lane for the next 100 yards. However, I saw a truck to my right moving at a normal pace a few yards ahead of me. Suddenly, without warning, the truck turned left in front of me. The turn was illogical, because there was no exit to my left. There was nothing over there but the railings to prevent automobiles from going off the highway!...

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Publication Date: September 17, 1985