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What happened to Moses' staff when he threw it on the ground?
It became a snake.

Exodus 4:3

The Worldwide News
Observing right laws of health prevents spread of diseasesObserving right laws of health prevents spread of diseases
Andrew Silcox

During the 14th century a deadly disease swept across Europe, destroying more than one third of the population. This killer plague, known as the black death because of the black patches on the skin of its victims, struck rich and poor, high and low. The bubonic plague was all the more frightening because of the speed with which it spread. Diseases can spread quickly and devastatingly! And we in God's Church, unfortunately, seem to be particularly susceptible to problems caused by various contagions measles, flu, chicken pox, scabies. We need to be reminded of the importance of keeping God's hygiene and quarantine laws, so that the Church does not become an automatic breeding ground for every illness that goes around. Satan would love to use illnesses to disrupt our children's progress in school or to keep us from observing God's'feast days. We need to take every precaution, so that we don't play into his hands.

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The Worldwide NewsSeptember 17, 1985Vol XIII No. 19
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