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Teen Bible Study: Why Should I Study the Bible?
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Teen Bible Study: Why Should I Study the Bible?

   Have you ever thought about what a privilege it is to be a teen in God's Church today?
   Because at least one of your parents is a member of God's Church, you have access to understanding that is unavailable to other teenagers in the world.
   You can know how to have a successful, happy life. You can be learning the true values in life now and avoid making the mistakes that can wreck, or seriously hinder you from experiencing the satisfying life God wants you to have.
   As a part of this very special group of teens, you can know the incredible human potential of one day becoming a spirit-born member in the universe-ruling Family of God!
   You are also able to prepare now to be a leader in the wonderful world tomorrow. Christ will come in your lifetime soon, and He will call many like you who learn of His ways to be leaders then.
   But you can't fully understand the way that leads to all these wonderful things unless you study God's Instruction Book for man. This Book, the Holy Bible, is the foundation at all true knowledge. In God's Word you will discover the keys to living a successful and joyful life here and now, and for all eternity.
   Find your Bible and get ready to begin the first of many Teen Bible Studies written especially for you. Be sure to look up and read in your Bible each scripture reference given in answer to the questions asked. And why not try to follow the principle illustrated by the first question to get the most out at these studies?
   1. What did God command that every king of Israel was to do when he ascended the throne? Deut. 17:18. Why? Verses 19-20.
   As a potential leader in the world tomorrow, you need to begin preparing by regularly studying the Bible. These monthly Bible studies will certainly help you in your study of God's Word. And writing out the scriptures that answer the questions will prove to be an effective aid to remembering and reviewing the important concepts you'll be studying.
   2. What are we told about the wisdom of King Solomon? I Kings 3:5-13. How really great was his wisdom? Chapter 4:29-31. Based on the wisdom God gave him, what is Solomon's advice to you? Eccl. 12:1.
   Solomon instructs young people to remember the God who created the vast universe and all that it contains - the twinkling stars we see at night, our life-sustaining sun, the majestic snowcapped mountains and stately trees, the interesting animals, the countless varieties and numbers of fishes in the sea, the food we eat and the air we breathe.
   Remembering God means being thankful to Him for your very existence, for your parents, the material things you possess. It means being grateful for the knowledge God has revealed to your parents through His Church, and for the fact you are especially blessed to have access to this same, wonderful knowledge.
   3. Will God grant His wisdom, knowledge and understanding to those who seek it? Prov. 2:1-6.
   The Proverbs are rich with wisdom and understanding. Take time often to read and reread and think about these golden nuggets of truth inspired by God for both young and old alike.
   4. What comparison does Solomon draw between the vital knowledge, guidance and wisdom of God's Word and a treasure chest full of precious things? Prov. 8:10-11, 3:13-18.
   Imagine yourself owning a huge chunk of gold worth millions of dollars, or a sparkling red ruby the size of an egg. Solomon says that the knowledge, instruction and wisdom you will gain by studying the Bible are worth far more than all the gold, silver and precious gems in the world!
   5. What does God promise those who do remember Him and strive to please Him? Prov. 3:1-6, Does He also promise to give them the "desires" of their hearts? Ps. 37:4-5.
   Do you want to have a successful life with many loyal friends? Do you look forward to continued good health, a meaningful career filled with challenging opportunities, a beautiful marriage, happy children and ultimately be coming a member of God's Family? In His inspired Word, God shows you the way to all of these blessings.
   6. Are the mistakes and sins of others recorded in the Bible so that people today can learn not to repeat them? I Cor. 10:1-11, especially verses 6 and 11.
   God does not want us to suffer the same fate as those who disobeyed Him in times past. He wants us to be obedient and blessed.
   Stories of the great men of God - men like Abraham, Moses, David and Daniel - also teach many valuable lessons and principles that we need to learn and apply in our lives today.
   Abraham obeyed God's laws and taught his son Isaac to obey them (Gen. 26:5, 18:18-19). Both were exceedingly blessed by God.
   The story of Moses' life, found in the books of Exodus through Deuteronomy, is one of great humility, submission and service to God.
   David displayed great trust in God to help him kill the giant who taunted and dishonored the living God (I Sam. 17:45-49).
   Faithful Daniel was thrown into the lion's den, but was protected from harm by the God he worshiped and obeyed (Dan. 6:16-22).
   When Daniel's three friends, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego, were thrown into the fiery furnace for obeying God, they also trusted God and were delivered from the fire (Dan. 3:14-27).
   7. Why did God select David to replace Saul as king of Israel? Acts 13:21-22. What did David do every day? Ps. 119:97. Why? Verses 98-100. Did David learn about God as a youth? Ps. 71:17.
   Imagine David as a teenager herding sheep on the lush hill sides of Judea, thinking about God's creation and His awesome power. David thought a lot about God's commandments and how to apply them in his daily life. His basic motivation and intent in life was to always serve and obey God.
   8. How did David continue to respond to and view God's Word when he was older? Ps. 119:101-105. Will David rule over the nations of Israel in the world tomorrow? Ezek. 37:24-25.
   By studying your Bible, you can also learn God's way of life that leads to true happiness and joy here and now. And just as David, you too may one day become a leader ruling with Christ in the world tomorrow (Rev. 3:21, 5:10).
   9. Who else learned the Scriptures as a youth? II Tim. 3:15.
   Timothy, one of the dedicated men of God in the early true Church, was taught the Old Testament Scriptures by his mother and grandmother (II Tim. 1:5). He grew up to be very useful in helping to spread the Gospel message as a minister of Jesus Christ.
   10. Was King Josiah a righteous ruler? II Kings 22:1-2. What did he begin to do when he was 16 years old? II Chron. 34:3. What reforms did his zeal for God's ways lead him to accomplish when he was just 20 years of age? Verses 3-7.
   Josiah became king when he was only 8 years old. And he began to seek and obey God with all his might while in his teens.
   Before Josiah ascended the throne, the nation had forgotten God and was deep in idol worship. Once Josiah understood God's Law and his responsibility toward God, he tore down the idols and temples dedicated to false gods. He then restored the true worship of God to the entire nation. No king was more zealously dedicated to God before or after Josiah! (II Kings 23:25).
   Although you are not a ruler today, one day you could be. By learning and heeding God's instructions now, you will be better prepared to help teach God's way of life to others in the world tomorrow, after God calls you to become one of His children in His universe-ruling Family.
   So take advantage of every opportunity to learn God's way. Let these monthly Bible studies help you increase in the wisdom and understanding of God!

Publication Date: January 1982
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Youth MagazineJanuary 1982Vol. II No. 101, 1982