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Teen Bible Study: The All-Important Seventh Law of Success
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Teen Bible Study: The All-Important Seventh Law of Success

   Why are only the very few really successful? Is it mere chance can it be luck? Or are there definite reasons?
   In this series of studies expanding on Youth 84 Editor-in-Chief Herbert W. Armstrong's booklet, The Seven Laws of Success, we learned of the existence of seven definite laws that lead to success in life. In order to achieve real success, all seven of these laws must be followed.
   Many of those considered successful in this world have applied the first six laws. They set goals, obtained the necessary education and preparation to achieve them, maintained good health, had tremendous drive, were resourceful and had perseverance. But they weren't really happy and did not attain real success. Why?
   What they lacked was application of the seventh law of success. This all-important law is having contact with, and the guidance and continuous help of God.
   Though this law of success was reserved until last in this series of studies, it is far from being least. It is first in vital importance!
   In this study, you will learn what the Bible says about this most important law and how to apply it in your life. But before you begin, get a Bible, a pen or pencil and some paper. Writing out the verses that answer the questions will help you remember the important principles you'll be learning.
   1. Does God want us to lead happy and successful lives ? III John 2, John 10:10, last part. Does every good and perfect gift come from Him? James 1:17.
   Few have realized that the living God plays a great part in the success of our lives. If we are to enjoy the good things of life freedom from fears and worries, peace of mind, protection, happiness, abundant wellbeing we must come to understand that the source of these is the great God!
   God is more than willing to help us attain the No. 1 goal in life the very purpose for our existence, which we learned about in the first of this series of studies. God wants us to become members of His universe-ruling Family! He also wants us to attain our other goals. But we must do our part.
   2. What must we do to receive God's guidance and direction? Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalms 37:4-5, 119:2, II Chronicles 15:2. Will those who seek God and trust in Him lack any good thing? Psalm 34:8-10.
   God promises to guide those who seek Him wholeheartedly and desire to do His will. He will help them to have the energy and motivation to achieve their goals.
   3. Is God far from anyone who will earnestly seek Him? Acts 17:27. Can those who seek to get to know God really find Him? Isaiah 55:6-7. Does God want us to make our requests known? Philippians 4:6.
   God wants to hear what we have on our minds He wants to know how we feel and what we think. He wants us to seek Him in sincere, heartfelt prayer to ask Him for guidance in every phase of our lives.
   Think of God as the genuine friend that He is, because He understands your deepest fears, anxieties and frustrations. He really wants to help you succeed. If you trust Him, He will enable you to have courage and motivation to tackle any problem or fear.
   4. Did the apostle Paul say He could do all things that is, overcome any obstacle through God's help? Philippians 4:13. Are all things possible with God? Matthew 19:26, Ephesians 3:20.
   Nothing is too difficult for God. He expects us to ask Him and sincerely do our part the best we can, though. For example, He can help you in developing a more friendly and enthusiastic personality, as well as help you in your schoolwork, your job, sports, music and your social life. Ask Him to help you achieve your goals in all of these areas.
   In addition to prayer, there is something else God expects us to do to receive His guidance and direction.
   5. Is following God's way of life, as defined by His laws, vital to success in life? Joshua 1:7-8, Proverbs 3:1-2, Ecclesiastes 12:13, Matthew 19:16-19.
   God is with those who serve Him who keep His commandments. He intervenes on their behalf. He helps them to prosper and experience real success, both now and ultimately for all eternity as members of His Family.
   6. What did David say about those who delight in God's law will they succeed in whatever they undertake? Psalm 1:1-3. Will they obtain wisdom and understanding essential for success by keeping God's commandments? Psalm 119:97-100, 104.
   7. Has God promised to give us the wisdom we need to make the weightier decisions of life, if we ask in faith? James 1:5-6, Hebrews 11:6.
   Each day we are faced with numerous decisions such as deciding what time to get up, what to wear, what to eat. Then there are the more important decisions in life, such as choosing an occupation or career, which college to attend, where to live or whom to marry. These are decisions that can affect us for the rest of our lives. We need help, not only from wise advisers, but also from God.
   God, who is the supreme source of wisdom, can steer us in the right direction. He promises to guide us if we will ask Him. Therefore ask God, in prayer, for the wisdom you need to make important decisions in your life.
   8. Is God's Word like a light that shows us the way to go? Psalm 119:105. What comparison is drawn between the vital

God's Word is compared to a treasure chest full of precious things. (Photo by Warren Watson)
knowledge, guidance and wisdom contained in it and a treasure chest full of precious things? Proverbs 3:13-18.
   God's Word is far more valuable than all the gold, silver and precious gems in the world. In it are guidelines dealing with every aspect of human life health, finances, social relationships everything pertaining to a truly happy, successful life.
   The primary way God guides us reveals His will for us is through His inspired Word, the Bible. Search for and meditate on the principles that will give you the insight necessary to make the right decisions.
   As you do this, also strive to follow God's way to the best of your ability. If you do, He will take a special interest in you. God will help and inspire you. He will give you additional strength and the desire to do what is right and pleasing to Him. And He will give you the strength to resist the things you know are harmful, and that can seriously hinder your chances for future success.
   9. Will God ever leave or forsake those who strive to do His will? Hebrews 13:5-6.
   It is important to realize that having God's guidance does not mean you will not have problems and difficulties to overcome. Everyone does. But you can be confident that God will always be on your side and will help, provided you strive to do your best to follow His way as revealed in the Bible.
   In this series we learned the seven laws that lead to real and lasting success the ways that lead to an abundant, happy life both in this physical life and in the glorious life to come.
   If you haven't done so already, why not begin to apply the principles outlined in this and the previous studies? It will take effort on your part. But once you have started, don't give up. You'll soon begin to experience the happy, productive and successful life God wants each of us to have.
   You'll find that life is really worth living!
   (If you haven't already done so, be sure to read Mr. Armstrong's free booklet The Seven Laws Of Success.

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Youth MagazineFebruary 1984Vol. IV No. 202, 1984