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What happened to Ananias and Sapphira as a result of their sin?
They fell down dead.

Acts 5
The World Tomorrow Telecast
Have You Heard the True Gospel?
Telecast Date: September 7, 1983
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Suppose Jesus Christ appeared today just as He did 1,955 years ago in the human flesh and went on television today worldwide, would you believe Him? You may think you would, but you wouldn't in all probability, you'd be astonished at His gospel even as they were 1,950 years ago because we read in Luke the 4th chapter and in verse 32; "And they were astonished at His doctrine: for His word was with power." And they were astonished at His doctrine and believe me you would be astonished at His doctrine today because it would be so different from what you have heard as the gospel of Jesus Christ...

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Telecast Date: September 7, 1983
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